General Information

Booking and payment prior to arrival is necessary. Once we have received your email booking form, we will send you a confirmation with a link for you to pay on-line. Full payment is due 7 days prior to arrival.

There are no designated pitches, allowing you to pitch your tent in the meadow or woods as you choose, but please remember you are camping amongst wildlife and we ask you to do so respectfully.

When planning your arrival time, please consider the time of season and allow yourself enough time to set up before the sun sets to avoid disrupting the wildlife and other campers.

To ensure that you do not disturb existing campers please do not arrive before 10am on the day of your arrival. To avoid disturbing the peaceful evenings, no arrivals after 8pm.

On the last day of your stay with us, please depart by 8pm.

All campers are asked to keep the toilet and shower units as clean and tidy as possible, not to leave taps running nor put cigarette ends or other articles likely to case obstructions into the basins or closets.  An outside sink is provided for washing up and   the standpipe by the toilets is safe for cooking but please bring your own drinking water.

Please honour the camping rule to “leave it as you found it”.  Your rubbish is your responsibility, please ensure that you take all of your rubbish home, DO NOT leave it on your pitch, in the woods or dumped in the hedge where it will have a detrimental effect on the local environment and wildlife.

Campfires must be under control at all times and extinguished when not in use or supervised.

Radios etc must not be used to the annoyance of other site users and noise levels must be kept to a minimum between the hours of 9.30pm – 9.00am.

Dogs are allowed, but must be kept under control at all times as the meadow and woods are home to a large amount of wildlife and owners must clean up behind their dogs.

Authority for the conduct of the site is vested in the site managers. They are responsible for the smooth-running of the site and the welfare of its occupants. Due to the location of the camping field and woods it is not always possible to see or hear where you are permitted to camp. If any issues arise contact the site managers who are empowered to refuse entry to, or the use of the site by any person.

The refund of the appropriate portion of any site rental fess shall be sufficient discharge of all obligations to any person who is required to vacate the site.